A way to unite

This didn't start as a business. It started as our family's way to shift the energy of the conversation over dinner from what went wrong during our day to what went right. Then something happened - leadership in our country changed. Leaders that talked about building walls and separating families and that's when our family's habit of sharing joy spilled over from our table and turned into our peaceful protest of all that divides. We don't believe we need more walls. We believe we need bigger tables. 

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Here's what we know. Joy isn't meant to be contained (although we think our jars do a pretty great job of that!) It's meant to be shared - it's contagious! Whether you've stopped by our page out of curiosity or to purchase a jar we hope that you'll look for at least one thing that brought you Joy today and that when you sit down to have a meal with folks you'll slow down, be present with them and maybe, just maybe, gather people around your table that you'd like to get to know a little better. 


Our Story

I’m Tia, the Sower of Joy here at Joy to the table. I started this business as a positive way for my family to connect over dinner. I'm mom to Kennedy (that's her in the video here) She was in kindergarten when this all began - eager to read and eager to be a part of "grown-up" conversation. You'll find her brother (my son) John across from her at the table on most nights. He's 16 and well, not always eager to open up about how his day went.

We paired my passion for sewing with my mom's talent for drawing (she created our logo) and before we knew it we had a packaged product! We've shipped our Jars to over 16 states and the Houston Chronicle featured us as experts on happiness!

It's been about a year and a half since I stepped out on faith and decided to stop looking for my next corporate position and only follow what brings me Joy. My intention is to uplift, remind of the inherent good that exists and help others connect and honor the rhythm of life. I believe that Joy is our highest calling and the creative force that takes us beyond limitations into living the life and creating the world of our dreams.

It is my hope to connect others through the sharing and capturing of Joy. I'm glad you're here and would love to hear from you - What brings you Joy? Let’s make a bigger table.




Tia, is the creator and Sower of Joy here at Joy to the Table. She enjoys connecting with others and discovering little known parts of their story. When she's not in the workshop you can find her spending time with her two kiddos, leading meditation experiences and sharing her story with various groups. She's been known to listen to Justin Bieber at high volumes and have dance parties in her kitchen.